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About us

Passion. Experience. Expertise.


What is CAOS?

CAOS stands for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

Our understanding of the biology and the mechanics of joints have grown over the years. With it our need for precision surgical technology. Previously surgical precision was dependant on the use of relatively simple jigs, or the need for X-rays intra-operatively.

Though these work well in the majority of situations, inaccuracies may mean that implants may be placed in less than perfect alignment. Such lack of precision is not tolerated in other aspects of our lives. Our car's tyres, for example, are balanced by computer, to make sure we have a stable ride, and so that the tyres do not wear out rapidly.

The same applies to artificial joints. The longevity, the stability and the range of movements in a knee for example, may be compromised by the lack of precision. CAOS UK promotes understanding of joint function and the technologies that allow the application of this understanding precisely.

CAOS UK hopes to be a medium for exchange of ideas that promote our understanding of human biomechanics using the ideas and technologies from a wide spectrum of expertise.

CAOS is a product of collaboration of people many skills with the single aim of providing better treatment of our patients. By sharing ideas and reasearch we hope to facilitate the transfer of innovative technologies and techniques from the lab to the operating theatre.

CAOS UK hopes to improve the results of operative procedures for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Who we are: Executive Committee

President Mr Ajeya Adhikari
Immediate Past President and Trustee Mr. Robin Strachan
Executive Director & President Elect Mr. Dinesh Nathwani
Treasurer and Trustee Mr. Fred Picard
General Secretary and Trustee Kamal Deep
CAOS International link Mr. Kamal Deep
Education and Training Lead Prof Rodriguez Y Bauena/ Mr Fred Picard
Sponsorship Lead Mr. Robin Strachan
Membership & Recruitment Secretary Mr Arj Imbuldenya

“We are a registered charity organisation with the primary objective being to relieve sickness by promoting research into, and disseminating knowledge of, the field of Computer Aided Orthopaedic Surgery.”

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