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Computer assisted orthopaedic surgery




Welcome to the website for CAOS UK, a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting those applying, developing and using modern technology for orthopaedic surgery. We are an affiliated specialist society of the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) and a chapter of CAOS International, although our operation for the most part is independent.

This organisation connects surgeons, scientists, industry and computer engineers, who have together revolutionised the way orthopaedics is practised.

This allows us not only to understand the biomechanics of normal and prosthetic joints and soft tissue, but also gives us the tools to apply this understanding with the precision required to achieve the best possible treatment.


  • CAOS UK hopes to be a platform for an exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge. Although based in the UK, it will work co-operatively with surgeons, software and hardware engineers and vendors from all over the world.

  • Its goals will be to promote research and accelerate awareness and acquisition of expertise in this field. Peer reviewed articles, conferences and resources will be made available. CAOS UK will also be providing workshops to help train surgeons. It will allow vendors and computer scientists to describe the technologies to surgeons, while allowing surgeons to describe their needs and problems with regards these technologies.

  • CAOS UK will hold annual conferences inviting poster and podium presentations. It will publish peer-reviewed articles in an e-journal. It will provide (sponsored) funding for fellowships and awards.

  • It will be regulated and governed by its members, with an elected executive committee.

  • More information can be found in our FAQ section, including information about the exciting CAOS Meta-Reviews system, currently under development.

  • CAOS UK remains fully accountable to its members and will publish reports about its activities at regular intervals.


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Events and Training

EduQual Postgraduate Diploma in Principles of Computer Assisted Knee Arthroplasty (PCAKA)

Details of next course

-Golden Jubilee Hospital Glasgow

-Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London

This is an educational qualification run over two days for senior trainees, Consultant Surgeons and ancillary staff who wish to obtain an accredited qualification in Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery and occurs twice a year with dedicated CAOS UK faculty.

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